P.O. Box 391 - Bartlesville, OK 74005-0391

1. No fully automatic firearms are allowed.
2. If you are an inexperienced shooter, please contact a range officer or a member of the Board of Directors for further assistance.
3. Shooting glasses and ear protectors are MANDATORY for all shooters, referees and trap personel.
4. Never use alcohol or drugs before or while shooting. This applies equally to medicinal drugs which might impair your reflexes or judgment. If in doubt seek medical advice.
Pistol and Rifle Ranges:
1. Keep the muzzle pointed below the top of the berms (earthern embankment). Dewey is north of the ranges and within range of most rifles.
2. When anyone is down range for any reason, all firearms must be laid down, the actions opened and anyone remaining on the firing lane is to back away from the shooting bench.
3. Pistol may be fired on the rifle range.
4. DO NOT fire high powered rifles or high powered pistols at the metal pistol targets.
5. Any pistol firing rifle shells may ONLY be fired on the rifle range.
6. Pickup and clean the target holders used on the rifle and pistol ranges when finished shooting.
Trap, Skeet, and Sporting Clays:
1. Keep the action of your gun open at all times except when standing on the shooting station ready to shoot. This includes when you are bringing a gun from your vehicle to the shooting area. The only exception is when the gun is in the gun rack. It can be closed but must be reopened when it is removed from the rack.
2. Trap shooters may not load more than one (1) shell at a time.
3. No shot size larger than eight (8) may be used on the skeet fields.
4. Never load your gun except when standing on the shooting station ready to shoot. Always unload your gun completely of both live and fired shells before turning around and walking off of the shooting station.
5. Never walk directly in front of the low house openings on the skeet fields. You could be struck if a target is released.
6. If an over/under shotgun is carried over the shoulder it must be with the barrels forward.