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Reloading / Ammo

Club members can purchase a variety of shooting related items, at a dealer price through the BSC. The BSC has developed this member benefit in partnership with Graf & Sons, a major distributor of Ammo, Reloading Components, Optics and Shooting accessories . Graf catalogs are located in the main Clubhouse and the Rifle shack. Any items in these catalogs, with the exception of guns and black powder, can be purchased.

In addition to the catalogs, Graf maintains a website that mirrors the catalog.

GRAF & Sons Online Catalog : The website has current prices and inventory levels. The prices on the website are retail prices. However, your order will be billed at the dealer prices.

How to Order:

First, consult the catalog or website for the product(s) you wish to order. Then, email the following information to

If you don't have computer access, leave your written order in the envelope drop box on the wall of the Clubhouse.
Link to Printable Paper Order Form

Delivery and pick-up of your order

Orders are transmitted to Graf once a month, but you can place an order at any time. You will be called (at the phone number on your order) when your order is ready for pick-up at the BSC trailer.


Payment is required at the time you pick up your items. The preferred payment method is a check made out to BSC. The amount you will pay will be the BSC cost of the ordered items PLUS county Sales Tax.


There is no markup of any merchandise. If you wish to return an item that was damaged in shipment or otherwise defective, contact Jeff Freeland. The Club also stocks some primers , powder, wads and lead shot in the trailer located South of the Clubhouse. See Mike Proctor, Pat Kendrick, Billy Pierce, Mike McClintock or Ed Sheets.

For comments or questions please email: