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All members renewing must have paid the Onetime Lifetime Initiation Fee to the Bartlesville Sportsmen's Club.

Onetime Lifetime Initiation Fee $100.00
Annual Regular Member Dues $50.00
Annual Family Membership Member Dues $25.00

*Family Memberships: The Spouse or a Dependent of the Regular Member may become a Family Member of the Club but MAY NOT VOTE on Club business.

All applicants for membership or renewal are approved by the Board of Directors at its regular monthly meeting. All applicants will be considered regardless of creed, sex, or national origin. In order for this application to be considered the following requirements must be met.

(1) All fees must be included with the application.

(2) For new members the application must be signed by a sponsor who is a Club Member in good standing.

(3) The Liability Release section of the application must be signed.

BSC New Membership/Renewal form is available at the link below. You can print the form and mail it with check to the Bartlesville Sportsmens Club (address on form).

2017 New Member/Renewal printable form

For comments or questions please email: